Performance dates May 20-28.
Several male roles on offer, but females also welcome for the Clock and the Calendar piece.
Bachelor Holiday by Alan Ball – Cast of 3 males This cheeky, irreverent play is cleverly written with the barbed humour of the three combatants, set against a background of 1980’s life in a tenement building in New York
Turn the Other Cheek by Alex Broun : Cast of 2 males. A short play about the social awkwardness of dating for some males. How do you move on from a peck on the cheek to a full-blown kiss on the lips?
Crossing the Bar by Don Nigro : Cast of 3 males This “comedy of the absurd” features two ageing aunts paying their respects to a nephew lying presumably at peace in his coffin. The dialogue between the two aunts becomes even more humorous with two mature men playing the aunts dressed in long black dresses and black veiling and with falsetto voices.
The Clock and the Calendar: Cast of several This is a wonderful little physical theatre piece that is a lesson in the study of time and motion. It requires rehearsing and any special effects that can be included add greatly to the rhythm, timing and vibrancy of the piece. All cast similarly dressed eg; white shirts, dark trousers, discreet ties, hair slicked back. Cast could include females.

Of course there is always the need for new actors for productions.
Auditions are held throughout the year and are advertised
here on  the website and on our Facebook page.